Cfnm Strip Poker

Written by admin on October 15th, 2014

Just read this post by Carol over at the Cfnm Forum:

What a wonderful day! Cindy, Ken and I arrived at Sharons house at 12:50 in the afternoon. She had four large poof pillows around this table with shorts legs, some sort of asian table. Troy and James were there as with four other women. Dean arrived just after one so all the guys shown up. Everyone introduced themselves, then Sharon pointed to the poof pillows telling the guys to sit.

A sofa and a few chairs for the women with plenty of snacks. The guys were aged from 27 to 30. The women were from 23 to 30 and about a 40 year old dom named Shirley. She was alittle loud, but entertaining. Sharon got out the cards and knelt down to the table shuffling them. She told the guys that they each have five items of clothing to bet with. Shoes, sox, shirt, pants, and shorts. “The low hand in each game loses a piece of clothing. Each man shall remain nude til the games are over. So you know now that three of you will be nude and most likely all four will be, it’s the winners choice to strip. In every game played here so far, ALL the guys end up NAKED!”

Sharon dealt the first hand, then passed the deck to the next guy each hand. Dean and James looked somewhat nervous. A few hands were played and Troy was down to his pants. A few more hands played out and Troy had lost his pants and a couple girls cheered him taking his pants off. Ken was down to his pants as with Dean. James got nervous taking his shirt off.

A couple of girls walked behind the guys looking at their hands, mostly Troy I seen they were looking more at his shorts. Shirley was behind Troy and commented on his “happy trail” and was rubbing her fingers in his hair below his belly button. She commented on mr. happy was getting happy. A couple of the shy girls loved that.

Ken and Troy were both down to their shorts. Ken shook his head, Sharon looked at his cards then said, “Your the first one out, remove those shorts!” The women cheered as his shorts came down. He stood there as Sharon collected his clothes and took them down the hall to a bedroom then closed the door. Ken got up and talked with the women and brought them snacks. Yes, he was nude doing this, the women loved him!

Dean and Troy were both wearing only shorts while James still had his pants on. Then Dean lost the next hand, the cheering began again. “Dean, please stand and remove your shorts!” said, Sharon. He was blushing but down came his shorts. He was sporting a semi stiffy. The girls loved it. Shirley was singing, get it up.

Troy made a comment that he still had his shorts on. But he lost the next hand so down they went. Shirley stood up and said something like, ” It’s time, we finally get to see mr happy. She walked over to him looking at his cock and talking about it. He was amazed as with everyone else on how forward she was. She wanted it hard so he made it hard. James felt proud but the women were hinting for him to take it off also, so he did. He was quite nervous.

That was the first time that I have seen four nude men in the same room at the same time. And im sure now that it won’t be the last!


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